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manufacturer of anti-slip mat
UWIN is the largest manufacturer of PVC anti slip mats, EVA shelf liner in China. Since it was established in 2003, Guangzhou UWIN Houseware Co., Ltd has focused on the technology development and production of new products of non slip mats, has scrupulously abided by its product quality and corporate credit, and has gained the trust and support of customers around the world. The company has developed into a professional enterprise which has a production base of 35,000 square meters and more than 600 employees. UWIN, with annual sales over 0.3 billion, has become the largest manufacturer of grip mats in China.
EVA shower curtain supplier 
UWIN leads the forefront of the industry, meets market demands, and dedicates to the development and production of PVC houseware items with the idea of quality life. At present, UWIN's products cover six series of anti slip products series, floor covering, PVC lace tablecloths,PVC rug underlay, EVA shower curtain, TPE yoga mats and EVA ribbed liner, in which PVC anti-slip mats, the first developed and most complete-series product line, include bath mats, bathtub mats, place mats, carpet mats, houseware multipurpose non slip mats, car cushions, auto gauges set non-slip mats, car trunk mats and many other varieties to meet houseware demands, and PVC lace tablecloths are made by UWIN exclusively with PVC thread weave and three-dimensional printing processes in China.

At the same time, all products of UWIN justice through SGS test line to the United States ASTMD3421-75 and European EN-71 testing standards. Products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions in the world, mainly including the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia etc. TARGET, LIDL, WALMARTKmart, IKEA and other global chain stores are all long-term cooperative partners of UWIN.

Innovation is the Motive Force of the Sustainable Development of an Enterprise. Uwin not only develops its original field of anti-slip mat, but also endeavors into new field such as 3D EVA shower curtain, 3D EVA tablecloth, liquid color floor tile,ect. We have been trying our best to meet the customers’ demands and have gained the approbation of our profession and the praise of the customer. 

Looking into the future, Guangzhou UWIN Houseware Co., Ltd., with innovative and forward-looking designs, cost-effective products and internationalized services, will continue to uphold the "win-win" business philosophy and explore our new world with customers around the world hand in hand.